Our Story

The development of Sweet Potato Lotion(tm) started a long time ago. It has its history rooted in the development of a unique bio-extraction system that involved taking fresh whole foods, herbs and spices and naturally extracting the full nutrient profile in a small enough molecular size-that would allow them to be incorporated into skin care products.

Vitamin A is the most documented skin care ingredient ever proven to improve the appearance of the skin. However most Vitamin A ingredients you see in skin care products are synthetic retinol analogues derived from a chemical called Isoprene that is a by-product of gasoline refining.

Even the Vitamin A you see in supplements can be derived from this chemical.

Developing a natural, safer and more powerful form of Vitamin A is what we have done with the Sweet Potato Lotion(tm).

The sweet potato is one of nature’s most nutritional foods and contains the best source of safe natural vitamin A along with many other nutrients and enzymes. The unique extraction system we use (that we have filed a patent on along with the specific ingredient and use) results in one of the most innovative skin care products ever developed.

This product produces amazing results and does so without the use of any chemicals or toxic preservative.

Maybe you do or don’t like eating sweet potatoes-however you know they are good for you.

Start infusing your skin with this nutrient rich, healing and anti aging Sweet Potato Lotion(tm).