Nature's Sweet Potato Lotion(tm)
Patent Pending

An healing lotion that blends science and nature in a way
no other lotion has done before.

If you are concerned about the health and appearance of your skin-the following reasons are why you will want to incorporate this lotion into your daily routine.

Apply this lotion to your face and body

* For intense moisturization without tackiness or any type of greasy feel

Sweet Potato Lotion(tm) effectively builds and maintains your natural moisture barrier helping to keep your skin soft and smooth.

*before and after sun exposure and apply with your sunscreen

Destructive free radicals are activated by sun exposure and the high levels of beta carotene in Sweet Potato Lotion(tm) effectively neutralize these free radicals stopping their destructive effects on your skin.

*to help keep your skin wrinkle free

Certain skin matrix enzymes cause a degradation of the collagen matrix in your skin creating wrinkles.  The high levels of natural beta carotene in Sweet Potato Lotion(tm) effectively neutralize these enzymes helping keep your skin wrinkle free. 

 *to help keep your joints pain free and get your bones stronger

Aging induces bone loss due to decreased osteoblastic bone formation causing osteoporosis and arthritis. β-Cryptoxanthin is a carotenoid in Sweet Potato Lotion(tm) and is scientifically proven to help with new bone formation. Strong anecdotal evidence shows the majority of people using this lotion experience a reduction in joint pain and swelling. 

*to help keep your skin clear of acne, blemishes and non-malignant growths like seborrheic keratoids also called senile warts

One of the causes of acne and un-sightly growths popping out of the skin is the over-production of sebum and keratin. The natural vitamin A analogues present in Sweet Potato Lotion(tm) are scientifically proven to help normalize the over-production of  sebum and keratin. Natural carotenoids also help disperse accumulated pigment near the surface of the skin reducing the appearance of brown spots or hyper pigmentation.

*to get a hormonal nutrient boost 

Hormones play a vital role in maintaining younger looking skin and hormone producing cells are dependant on certain nutrients for their continued manufacture. Sweet potatoes contain vitamin A analogues that that can be manufactured into hormones. For example DHEA is an important master hormone that can decline as much as 90% by the age of 70 and can be extracted from sweet potatoes.  Sweet Potato Lotion(tm) provides a nutrient stimulation helping to optimize your skin's hormone production.

*for gentle enzyme exfoliation

High levels of the beta Amylase enzyme derived from the sweet potato help remove the dead dull outer layer of skin helping to keep your skin fresh and glowing.

*for increased collagen production which can help diminish the appearance of cellulite

The high levels of natural Vitamin C extracted from the sweet potato and present in large quantities in the Sweet Potato Lotion(tm) are proven to help increase collagen production which can diminish the appearance of cellulite.

*to protect your skin with the most superior form of Vitamin E

Sweet potatoes are the only known source of non-oil full spectrum Vitamin E which are abundant in Sweet Potato Lotion(tm). Adequate levels of  natural full spectrum Vitamin E are critical for your skin’s continued health.

*to relieve dry-itchy skin

Sweet Potato Lotion(tm) is packed with high levels of potassium which is proven to help relieve dry itchy skin

Frequently asked questions

Can I use this product with any other skin care products?

Yes, we know of no contraindications with any products at this time.

What is the best way to use this lotion for anti aging?

Just applying after bathing is a good way to infuse these nutrients into your skin on a regular basis and make sure to include your feet. It is especially helpful for people with dry, sore feet.

Can I use with my moisturizer?

Yes just add a little as a base and then apply your moisturizer.

How do I use with sunscreen?

Apply before applying your sunscreen and make sure to apply after sun exposure.

Can I use around the eyes?

Yes, just make sure to not apply on the eyelid.

How can I use this lotion for sore joints?

Apply evenly over your entire body and rub a little extra on problem areas.

Does this lotion help with melasma?

Yes, the carotenoids in this lotion are proven to help reduce the appearance of melasma.

Is this lotion helpful for ethnic colored skin?

Yes, all colors of skin greatly benefit from the use of this lotion.

Does the lotion make my skin look yellow?

No, it gives you healthy-glowing skin.

Ingredients: Bio-fermented fresh organic sweet potato liquid extract, fresh hand filleted aloe vera, Bee and vegetable wax, grapeseed oil, organic papaya extract, quaking aspen tree bark, fermented horeseradish, organic vanilla extract


We recommend using this lotion daily for best results. Preferably after bathing apply to face and body and massage into your skin. You can apply other products on top without contraindication. Results are immediate and build with continued use.